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Puppies for sale

Puppies for sale

Pip - Blenheim Female

Ready for her home in early July.

You can enquire through the Contact Form.

We pride ourselves on the health and well-being of our dogs, ensuring that every aspect of their genetic makeup is carefully examined. We take an extra step to provide our clients with peace of mind through our comprehensive approach to genetic testing. We uphold the highest standards to ensure the optimal health of our breeding program. Our commitment to responsible breeding is reflected in our rigorous health check protocols, updated vaccinations, and regular health testing performed by our trusted local veterinary partners.

All of our dogs undergo a thorough Orivet DNA panel, our commitment to transparency and responsible breeding practices is evident in the sound results that accompany each dog in our program.

At Larapaz Cavaliers, we go beyond merely offering adorable puppies – we provide an unparalleled experience designed to ensure a seamless transition for your new family member. Our hands-on approach and extensive puppy pack is a testament to our commitment to the well-being and happiness of our pups. Here is what you can expect throughout the process of your puppy's development and growth:

DogsNSW Registered Papers

Extensive Puppy Pack

Starter Kit for Comfort

Full Health Check

Microchipped, Vaccinated & Wormed

Ongoing Support and Resources

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